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about rakel

What I do

I teach people how to eat healthier, think healthier & live healthier lives. I coach people in taking responsibility & care of their own health, their minds & bodies, where they discover a more balanced & happier life.

Building on my education & background in nutrition, positive psychology, mindfulness & pilates I help people achieve greater balance and wellbeing. Through our coaching I provide people with tools that puts them onto a path of vitality & wellbeing and empowers them to continue on their path long after our work together has finished.

I focus on individual consultation, group education and public lectures as well as health promotion in the workplace.

I am also an active pilates instructor and a nutrition & health writer, contributing to content both in print as well as online. 

What can you expect from our work together?

Every individual is different in their needs and expectations so every consultation is individualized. See what you can expect from our work together.

In general, the more focus and effort people are willing to put into our work together the better and more long-term the results.

I only work with highly motivated & engaged individuals, people that are willing to put effort into reaching their highest level of health & wellbeing. 

Rakel Healthy Living´s Philosophy

Great Health & Wellness is achieved by

nurturing a balance between the body and mind  


pilates, yoga, walking, running, weight lifting and other exercise that both energizes and balances you

mental health

mindfulness meditation, loving-kindness meditation, practicing self-compassion, gratitude etc

meaningful work

paid work, unpaid activities, charity work etc

social contact

time with loved ones; family, friends, neighbors colleagues etc

prioritizing rest & play

making time for sleep, downtime and play

keeping your meals nutrient dense

with room for indulgence days in between