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Have you ever met someone you feel is literally glowing from within and has that certain je ne sais quoi about them that simply cannot be achieved with an extra layer of foundation or bronzer?

Chances are that someone is munching on the following "10 beauty foods for glowing skin"... Click to read more!


These 10 spices, nuts & seeds will positively affect your health, support your immune system as well as increase your overall glow.

Easily incorporated into your daily routine there are no excuses for not starting munching away on these simple ingredients for their overall health and beauty benefits...

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When I was 20 years old I had a health breakdown.

What’s a health breakdown, you might ask?

It’s basically when your body says “No, more!” and your immune system stops functioning in the way a healthy system should.

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Oh, the joy of Christmas Stress. Wait... What did I just write?

Sometimes it feels like to be able to get into the Christmas Spirit first you need a little bit of Christmas Stress. You know that everyday lingering discomfort in your gut telling you that you´ re probably not going to make that deadline without overtime & sleep deprivation?

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With rising temperatures and the sun lingering on longer, our behavior starts shifting.

We begin rolling up our sleeves, opting for skirts or shorts instead of our pants and start spending more time outside.

The park becomes our friend, outdoor cafés, rooftop bars, kids’ playground... Basically anywhere and everywhere we can peel away those layers of clothing... Click to read more!

I love spring. Where everything starts coming to life.

The cherry blossoms and magnolia trees bring about such magnificent beauty that it´ s hard not to feel inspired. Inspired to make a few wise changes.

Spring is the perfect time for letting go of bad habits and assimilating new and (hopefully) healthier ones.

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